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After years of bringing the outdoors in, people are moving back outside, soaking up nature for all it’s worth. From kitchens to living rooms, even game areas, our yards have truly become an extension of our homes. It’s also 2018, which means electronics are in every aspect of our lives. This means they are apart of our outdoor living spaces as well. The two concepts though—outdoor living and electronics—haven’t completely caught up to each other. This means that we need to take precautions on our behalf as well. Luckily Outdoor Hardscapes is here with tips for electronic protection in outdoor living spaces.


  1. Solar Caps for Lights
    1. Harness the light for yourself! Instead of running cords, use solar powered caps on top of lighting that is placed around your yard and living space. This might be a bit more difficult for larger fixtures, ones that are under a gazebo or pergola for example so make sure that for those lights you are using proper, sturdy outdoor covers. But for all of those sidewalk and/or pool accent spots, use these caps for both protections against the elements and as a way to provide electricity.
  2. Inset Storage for Audio
    1. So many times, we step outside for a party, relaxation or a nice quiet dinner. All of these benefit from a bit of mood music. But audio systems are not easy on the wallet so you don’t want to risk the elements getting the best of your investment. Build inset spaces to put the larger control centers. Then use element covers for speakers. This means finally getting your own modern version of the rock speakers that you probably used to laugh at due to their obviousness. As technology evolves though so does design and you can find plenty of stylish options to provide both ample sound and protection.
  3. Covers for Televisions
    1. If you really want to create an outdoor living space then you need to have a television. But just like the stereo systems, this is too much of an investment to just throw out there with little to no protection. Cover the screen up right away to be safe. When covering it though don’t just choose any jacket you can find. A simple plastic cover might seem like enough to keep water out but it’s also important to remember you don’t want to keep out condensation in. Any sort of dew or humidity can seep through and once there, a full jacket will trap that moisture in, effectively ruining your screen and it’s inner workings. Instead find one that is waterproof and breathable. Or if you really want to take protective steps, spend a bit more on a spray that will allow you to apply it directly to the screen for protection, like a scotch guard.
  4. Buried Wires
    1. The flip side of dealing with electronics is having to find a place for the wiring. Keep them buried to ensure safety for both the wiring and your own family.


Don’t let yourself be trapped inside simply for the use of technology.  Take life back to nature while still enjoying modern comforts with these electronics protections in outdoor living spaces. When you’re ready to make these updates call Outdoor Hardscapes to help bring this dream to life. Give Outdoor Hardscapes a call today at (251) 214-9166! We will help your landscape and hardscape dream ideas come to life. We have the experience and know-how to create amazing outdoor spaces and we will take your outdoor living to the next level. Visit our Outdoor Living Area.


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