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Pool plastering is the process of applying a specialized coating or finish to the interior surface of a swimming pool. This coating not only provides a smooth and attractive appearance but also serves functional purposes. Here are some key aspects of pool plastering:

Pool plaster acts as a protective barrier for the concrete or gunite shell of the pool. It helps to prevent water from infiltrating the pool’s structural shell, which can lead to damage over time. Without plaster, the concrete could become porous and prone to cracks and leaks.


One of the primary reasons for plastering a pool is to create a smooth and comfortable surface for swimmers. It eliminates rough spots or sharp edges that can be uncomfortable or even cause injuries.


Pool plastering can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the pool. Plaster comes in various colors and finishes, allowing pool owners to choose the look that complements their outdoor space. Common plaster finishes include white, colored, and pebble finishes, each providing a distinct appearance.


The plaster finish is designed to be waterproof, preventing water from seeping into the pool’s structural elements. This waterproofing helps maintain the water level and ensures that the pool remains functional.


Properly applied and well-maintained pool plaster can last for many years, making it a durable choice for pool interiors. Regular maintenance and water chemistry balance are essential to prolong its lifespan.


Pool plaster is formulated to resist the effects of pool water chemicals, such as chlorine. This resistance ensures that the plaster remains intact and does not deteriorate due to chemical exposure.


Pool owners can choose from a variety of plaster finishes to match their design preferences. Pebble finishes, for example, provide a textured, natural look, while colored plaster can create a more vibrant pool interior.

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