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There’s something about seeing a koi pond that causes people to immediately feel happy, overjoyed and entranced. There’s almost a kid like wonder for even the most hardened of adults…unless your Michael Scott in “The Office” and have a traumatic experience during which you can’t get out of a koi pond no matter how much you fight. For the rest of us, though, these little oasis’s have numerous benefits. Outdoor Hardscapes provides a few by examining koi ponds and the reasons you need one.

Stress Relief

These beautiful water features and their inhabitants have been shown to lower stress in those that visit them often. This can be especially beneficial for someone with high blood pressure or a patient who has just experienced a stroke. This is why you can find koi ponds at hospitals and nursing homes. These ponds are usually  larger thanks to the tranquility of the space.

Good Luck

The Japanese—who first originated this idea—believe that the area brings good luck and fortune to the space and/or home that it inhabits. Koi will swim against the stream as well so the Japanese also believe the fish help pass on “perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose.”

Easy Pet

If you want a pet but aren’t quite ready to commit to a cat or dog then choose the much simpler option of a Koi and place them in their pond. This will require a bit more work up front since you will have to construct the pool and habitat. But after that initial bit of work, the animals are essentially self-reliant save for a quick feeding. And they are beautiful to watch!

Equity Value

Real estate agents will tell you that having a koi pond immediately increases the value of your home. The reason is not concrete but it’s believed that the addition represents a certain style, makes a statement and of course, provides the aforementioned health benefits. While this is still technically dependent on the right buyer finding the pond appealing, studies show that the majority of buyers are attracted to the area.


Attracts Natural Beauty

The installation of a koi pond will mean some planting of flowers and plants around the rocks and other barriers. Then over time, the ecosystem will adapt around the area to include even more colorful plants. This, in turn, will attract birds, butterflies, and other nature. With the installation of the pond, you are increasing nature’s footprint in your yard tenfold.


Koi will eat right out of your hand when it’s flat. So if you have children, this can be especially beneficial. The feeding time will be fun for them while also giving you an opportunity to teach them about different parts of nature and how everything works together. It’s a built-in educational tool.

Once you’ve examined Koi ponds and the reasons you need one and it will become clear how helpful these oases can be in your yard and your life. At that point call Outdoor Hardscapes to help bring this dream to life. Give Outdoor Hardscapes a call today at (251) 214-9166! We will help your landscape and hardscape dream ideas come to life. We have the experience and know-how to create amazing outdoor spaces and we will take your outdoor living to the next level. Visit our Outdoor Living Area.

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