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What better way to cool off in the summer than with a dip in the pool? If you think so, your kids probably do, too. While a pool can be fun and relaxing, it is also a safety hazard to children when not properly protected and cared for. While there is no fail-proof system when it comes to protecting your children, especially when it comes to the dangers of water, there are extra safety precautions you can put in place to help keep your children protected.

Put a Fence Around Your Pool

This doesn’t just mean your privacy fence around your yard. Put another fence around the pool itself. Make sure to leave adequate room between the fence and the edge of the pool (roughly three feet) so that you can safely walk around the pool when using it. The more barriers between your children and the pool the better.

Be sure to keep furniture and other objects that can be used for climbing away from the fence so as not to encourage children to go over the fence. Keeping all toys in general away from the pool and fence area is a good rule of thumb. Anything that might entice children to play near the pool needs to be put away when not heavily supervised by an adult.

Remove Access to Pool When Not In Use

For in-ground pools, you can use a motorized cover. The cover should be able to support the weight of an adult and be sure to remove any water build up on top of the cover after rainfall because even a few inches can become a drowning hazard. As an extra precaution, pool alarms can be purchased that notify you of underwater movement so you will know if your child (or anyone for that matter) has entered your pool unexpectedly.

Place extra locks on doors and windows that provide access to the pool. Locks should be high out of children’s reach and locked when the pool area is unsupervised by an adult.

Pool Safety During Use

Hanging a rope with floats where the deep end begins is a good way to create boundaries and keep children and poor swimmers in the shallow end. Always have life preservers handy and keep a first-aid kit near the pool. Taking a CPR class at your local hospital is a great way to be prepared in case of emergencies. Keeping a phone outside allows you to call for help without having to run inside.

There is no system that can take the place of careful adult supervision, but these precautions can help keep children safe in unforeseeable cases.

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